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Explore the range of services GOC provides, and where your skills may fit in.

Service Delivery

The Service Delivery group provides solution-oriented support to Google partners and customers around the world. Their work is so critical that the majority of our team focuses on Service Delivery—without them, our business would grind to a halt. Service Delivery team members go above and beyond to get results, are encouraged to be innovative, and continuously share new and better ways of working.

What you’ll do

Team members have expertise ranging from technical support, to marketing, to legal operations and more. They troubleshoot issues, provide operational support, and collaborate to develop better services and products based on the evolving needs of Google's users. There are opportunities for people just starting their careers, those ready to lead a large team, and everything in between.

Capability Development

This group is a critical enabler for Service Delivery. They help optimize day-to-day operations and also act as consultants, working directly with Google partners to understand and meet their needs.

What you’ll do

In this group you’ll look for opportunities to make GOC more efficient and effective. This could include finding and delivering insights to Google partners, developing tools and processes, incubating new work, training employees, ensuring quality service, and more.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services shares the same "user first" mindset as the rest of GOC, but their users are our employees. They focus on people and processes, working in areas including human resources, compliance, communications, and more.

What you’ll do

Members of this team work closely with GOC’ers to support and deliver programs and initiatives within their site, region, and even globally. They often lead or contribute to cross-functional projects to ensure GOC is working together to build lasting, scalable processes.

No matter the team, GOC celebrates the fact that success for us means our people feel as cared for as our users do.