Building our community is the best part of the journey

At GOC, we believe the experience of our employees is as important as the experience of our users.

The values that guide us
Save the day, every day

With a spirit of empathy, we’re known for going above and beyond to get results for our customers.

Improve continuously

We’re always learning, stretching, and growing – as a business and as individuals.

Respect the responsibility

We value the trust others put in us to solve their problems and do the right thing.

Better together

We value each individual and celebrate our differences – what makes you unique is what helps us meet our goals.

Work hard, play hard

We value balance and do our best work when we’re having fun.

How we help you be your best

Focusing on your health and family

GOC supports families of all sorts and sizes. We offer industry-leading benefits, including life insurance and other risk benefits. We help you focus on family when you need to by providing paid maternity leave, baby bonding leave, carers leave, and bereavement leave.

Focusing on your career

In a growing organization, there’s always something new to explore. Through real-time coaching and recognition, we offer a variety of programs to help you build meaningful skills and gain certifications. When new opportunities arise, we'll share them so you can see if it's the right fit for you.

Focusing on your experience

We believe meaningful connection and keeping things fun are essential to our success and happiness. The whole team shapes our distinct culture, and annual goals ensure we act on the most important employee feedback. Also, you should see all the snacks we have in the office.

The best part of working at GOC is the people you work with
Shruti S.
Digital Marketing, Hyderabad

Describe GOC’s culture in one word: Togetherness! GOC has a great culture of coming together, both in celebration, and in times of need.

How I stay motivated: Learning is an ongoing activity for me. I can learn from anyone! I stay motivated by seeking new opportunities to grow and develop.

Owida W.
Quality Assurance, U.S.

My work superpower: My work superpower is being observant. I can pinpoint problems early on in a project and find solutions quickly.

The words I live by: Always be honest and transparent. Treat people with respect, dignity, and fairness.

Dan Christian B.
Technical Writing, Manila

What I’ve learned at GOC: This organization values authenticity. I know I can show up as myself each day, and I owe that to myself.

My secret to happiness: I try to measure my life by the impact I have on others. It is through acts of selflessness that I truly feel alive.

Gaurav K.
Marketing & Research, Gurgaon

Describe GOC’s culture in one word: Empathy. GOC’s leadership truly considers how each decision will impact its employees.

Best career advice: Someone early in my career told me: "Nurture and protect your network, and your network will nurture and protect you.”